The Child Pop Vinyl Protector

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Protector: The Child (10") Pop Protector 

"Coos"The Child, The Mandalorian Episode 2

The newest (and most adorable) face of the Star Wars franchise has now arrived in Pop! Vinyl form. The Alien referred to by the Star Wars fandom as “The Child” has caused many debates regarding its origin and similarities to Master Yoda. Not to mention questions regarding the many bounties set by the Imperial Command…


 - 0.60mm Thickness (thickest in New Zealand)

 - High Quality PET Material

 - Acid Free

 - Fits the The Child Pop Vinyl (plus other products)

 - Auto-Lock bottom (hassle free putting together)

 - No Lock Tabs at the top that will damage your Pops!


Dimensions for this protector are;

33.5cm (H) x 43.5cm (W) x 21.5cm (D) 

*Pops Pictured are not included*

*Not all  Pops will fit in this protector so please ensure you measure your pops first*