We understand that getting answers to your queries are super important! We stand by our customer service and want to make sure that you are super happy and know that you are our number one priority!

See below some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and if that still doesn't answer your question you can either;

1. Head to our Live Chat at the bottom of your screen between 8AM and 5PM (Monday to Friday) and we can answer your question there on the spot.
2. Head over to our Facebook Page here
3. Email us at popguardiannz@gmail.com and we will answer your questions there as well!


Lets get started with some of our most commonly asked questions!

Q1. How does the Pre Order system work? 

A1. We have two ways to purchase our products. ""Pay Now" which is full payment on the spot, and "Non Refundable Deposit" which is a deposit of the items cost generally between 20% and 40% of the product cost depending on the product. 

Q2. If I select "Non Refundable Deposit" can I get any refund at all?

A2. Unfortunately we do not give a refund of any kind when you select non-refundable deposit. 

Q3. Where is my order?

A3. We are transparent and will update you with your order at any time. If your product is delayed we will tell you straight away what the new expected date is. 

Q4. Is the date on the Pre Order confirmed or can it change?

A4. This is the initial date we are given by the suppliers. This date however may change and has done many times. This is due to many factors, but mainly manufacturer delays is the biggest. 

Q5. How long does it take to process my item?

A5. If the item is in-stock we will process your order within 24 hours. Your tracking number will be uploaded to the system within 48 hours of your order max.

Q6. How long does shipping take?

A6. Shipping generally takes between 2-5 business days. This however is something we cannot help and is up to the speed of our courier provider. 

Q7. Who is your courier provider?

A7. We use Aramex business as our preferred courier service but we have used NZPost for specialty orders such as PO Box.

Q8. Can you get this specific item?

A8. We are always looking to improve our store and a lot of lines we have brought in have been community outreach! So if you have an idea of a line, or you think New Zealand is missing out on something special, please feel free to Facebook message us or email us!

Q9. Can I purchase if I am from overseas?

A9. We can sell to overseas buyers, however some of our items are region locked. So you will have to message us on Facebook or email us to get the answer you require for this. 

Q10. My order has arrived damaged what do I do?

A10. First and foremost contact us! If there is damage to the box, you will need to contact Aramex and seek reimbursement for damaged parcels. Please keep all wrapping because photos will be needed to see how it was packed.