Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand that getting answers to your queries are super important! We stand by our customer service and want to make sure that you are super happy and know that you are our number one priority!

See below some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and if that still doesn't answer your question you can either;

  1. Head over to our Facebook Page here
  2. Email us at and we will answer your questions there as well

Let's get started with some of our most commonly asked questions!

Q1. How does the Pre Order system work? 

A1. You pay up front for the full amount and we have an ETA in the description of the product. This ETA is estimated and it may change. 

Q2. Where is my order?

A2. We are transparent and will update you with your order at any time. If your product is delayed we will tell you straight away what the new expected date is. 

Q3. Is the date on the Pre Order confirmed or can it change?

A3. This is the initial date we are given by the suppliers. This date however may change and has done many times. This is due to many factors, but mainly manufacturer delays is the biggest. 

Q4. How long does it take to process my item?

A4. If the item is in-stock we will process your order within 48 hours. Your tracking number will be uploaded to the system within 72 hours of your order max.

Q5. What happens if I want to cancel a Pre Order?

A5. We charge a 10% restocking fee. You can find out more in our Terms and Conditions HERE. 

Q6. How long does shipping take?

A6. Shipping generally takes between 2-5 business days. This however is something we cannot help and is up to the speed of our courier provider. 

Q7. Who is your courier provider?

A7. We use Post Haste as our preferred courier service.

Q8. Can you get this specific item?

A8. We are always looking to improve our store and a lot of lines we have brought in have been from community outreach! So if you have an idea of a line, or you think New Zealand is missing out on something special, please feel free to Facebook message us or email us!

Q9. Can I purchase if I am from overseas?

A9. We do not sell to overseas buyers at this stage, no exceptions.

Q10. My order has arrived damaged what do I do?

A10. First and foremost contact us! If there is damage to the box, you will need to contact Post Haste and seek reimbursement for damaged parcels. Please keep all wrapping because photos will be needed to see how it was packed.

Q11. I have a partial pay order from the old system, how long do I have to pay?

A11. You have a week from arrival to pay the remaining invoice that has been sent to you. If the invoice is unpaid within the week, we will cancel and refund you your deposit. 

Q12. Do you offer a "Mint Condition Guarantee" on Action Figures?

A12. Due to the nature of the product we sell and the volume that we can get our hands on, we CANNOT offer a mint condition guarantee. Suppliers (unlike ourselves) see the box as the housing to the item and that the action figure is the product you are buying, so reimbursement is not possible.

Q13. If I place an order with all in stock items, and I have a pre order that is part in stock and part awaiting for something to arrive, will my in stock items be shipped with the in stock order?

A13. ABSOLUTELY! If you have an order that has items that are in stock, and place a new order with just in stock items we will merge all the in stock items together! As long as shipping has been paid on both (or all) orders these will all be added together!

Q14. Can I select "Local Pick Up" and the item is added to my order that is shipping?

A14. No. If your item is needing to be shipped you must select shipping. If you want the item added to a previous order we can add it to the order and then request payment by credit card with a link through an email. There are no exceptions where you can select "Local Pick Up" if you do not intend to collect. We will email you about the order and if there is no reply within 72 hours, your order will be cancelled and refunded.

Q15. When can I collect a "Local Pickup" Order?

A15. Local Pick ups are now scheduled for our online store! Local collection can be between 8AM and 10AM for our morning hours, and 5PM - 8PM for our afternoon hours. Any times outside of this can be by schedule, but these times are what will be given to the customer. 

Q16. What is the "Local Delivery" option for shipping?

A16. We deliver it to you! Wanting something and don't want to risk it getting damaged by couriers, or wanting it straight away, this option is for you! As soon as your item is ready we will send you an email, usually within 12 hours of placing your order (if the item is in stock). If the item is a Pre Order, you will be emailed 12 hours after it is in stock, to arrange a drop off time. 

Q17. Do you keep me up-to-date on my Pre Orders?

A17. No. As we have many items up for pre order and a lot of customers we do not keep customers personally up to date with their pre orders. If a customer contacts us regarding their order however, we will certainly update you on your order!

Q18. Can I have my item sent to a P.O Box?

A18. We currently do not ship to P.O Box addresses and we will contact you if you have put down a P.O Box to have it changed to a residential or company address.

Q19. Where is your clearance section?

A19. On our TradeMe store! Head to our TradeMe Store and check out the huge range we have on offer!

Q20. What are reservations?

A20. Reservations are reserving stock that may be hard to obtain, or allocated by suppliers. We do not take any money until stock is confirmed by suppliers, and this is a first in first served style method. Only select products will feature this method. Check out our Full Terms and Conditions on Reservations HERE.

Q21. How does the Pop Vinyl Protector rebate deal work?

A21. We endeavour to protect every Pop! that leaves our facility! Sometimes we don't have stock, so instead of promising you something and not delivering we will give you back 10% on all unprotected Pop! that is sent! You will receive this on your account for a discount to be used on your next order. See our Terms and Conditions HERE for more information.