Terms and Conditions

Needing some extra help regarding orders and unsure where to look. Our Terms and Conditions are certainly a good start. Have you also checked out our FAQs? These are a fantastic tool as well and can be found HERE. If you can't find what you are after in wither of these sections please feel free to contact us at the below outlets:

Our extra T's&C's are outlined below. 


We have begun to take reservations on certain stock that is mainly allocated or harder to obtain. This includes All Elite Wrestling Action Figures, and Pokemon Cards.

What is a reservation with Pop Guardian NZ?

We are bringing through reservations on specific items so that we do not promise stock for certain lines across our site. Some suppliers cannot guarantee adequate stock allocation, or bringing in stock for certain lines at all so we are bringing in stock reservations. You are not required to pay for stock until you are invoiced. 

Why is reserving a good idea?

You will be first in line to get the stock that is allocated to us. We will also be able to gauge how much stock needs to be ordered for lines that are NOT allocated by a supplier.

Here are the T’s&C’s of Reservations:

1. You are put on a list of first in, first served. There will be no way around getting in before another customer so please do not message or ask. 

2. If you do reserve stock, you are REQUIRED to pay for the invoice 3 business days after it has been invoiced to you. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. We will cancel your invoice, and you will be moved to the back of the queue.

3. Reservations ARE NOT guaranteeing you stock. We may not be able to get all of the allocated stock or the supplier may not get in the stock at all, this is why you are not required to pay any money towards your reservation.

Pop Vinyl Protector Guarantee Rebate Deal:

We want to protect every Pop! Vinyl item that leaves us! All BRAND NEW Pop! Vinyls will be protected no matter what the size! If however we are out of stock OR we don't have that particular size at the moment, then we will rebate you 10% of the price of the Pop! Vinyls that have been sent out with no protector! 

Example: You order three (3) 4" Pop! Vinyls and only 2 come protected. We will rebate you 10% of the cost of that Pop! onto your Pop Guardian NZ account so you can use it as a discount towards your next order! If the Pop cost you $24.50 you would receive $2.45 back onto your account to use next time!

Pre Orders: 

There are set dates that suppliers give us for Pre Orders, BUT on occasion these do get pushed back. This is not a definitive time as shipments can be pushed back, or production can be slower than estimated.

If there is a change in time, we will update the product that you bought that has the ETA in the description. If this is unchanged please contact us at the above outlets.

Cancellation of Pre Orders:

When it comes to cancelling a pre order we charge your shipping as a restocking fee OR 10% of the order amount (if you have chosen Local Pick Up OR Local Delivery). This also includes in stock items that are apart of a pre order order. We stand by this Condition as we are a small store and we cannot simply cancel items with suppliers without monetary enforcement. 

What happens if I forgot to add something to my order?
Please message or email us. DO NOT select "Local Pick Up" UNLESS you are in the Christchurch area. If you are outside of Pick Up Range or you are not getting someone to collect this for you and are needing it shipped, we will unfortunately cancel you order within 48 hours, if you have not replied to our email. We CANNOT ship items that have been selected for "Local Pick Up" so you must message or email us to add something to your order, or risk having it cancelled. 
Shipping is consolidated. If you purchase something that is on our website and it has a Pre Order date, and you also purchase something that is in stock, in the same order, the in stock item WILL NOT be shipped until your Pre Order item is available. 
If you wish to have your in stock item with you as soon as possible then please either;
1. Purchase this item separately 
2. Purchase the items together, and email us to add shipping on so that we can send your parcel out straight away. You will have to pay shipping for both items as I try to keep the prices as low as possible for you to pay less!
What if something turns up damaged?
If you order something, and it turns up damaged, the first thing to do is contact your local courier office. We ensure that all our collectibles are sent in boxes and with adequate wrapping. We are collectors as well so we ensure we pack it how we would want it delivered!