Terms and Conditions - Pop Guardian NZ

Please read carefully any of our extra terms and conditions below. These are also FAQs and they are here especially as it is informative for any customer that is new to our website!

Pre Orders: 

There are set dates that suppliers give us for Pre Orders, BUT on occasion these do get pushed back. This is not a definitive time as shipments can be pushed back, or production can be slower than estimated. If there is a change in time, we will email each customer affected with the new date. 

What happens if I forgot to add something to my order?
Please message or email us. DO NOT select "Local Pick Up" UNLESS you are in the Christchurch area. If you are outside of Pick Up Range or you are not getting someone to collect this for you and are needing it shipped, we will unfortunately cancel you order within 48 hours, if you have not replied to our email. We CANNOT ship items that have been selected for "Local Pick Up" so you must message or email us to add something to your order, or risk having it cancelled. 
Shipping is consolidated. If you purchase something that is on our website and it has a Pre Order date, and you also purchase something that is in stock, in the same order, the in stock item WILL NOT be shipped until your Pre Order item is available. 
If you wish to have your in stock item with you as soon as possible then please either;
1. Purchase this item separately 
2. Purchase the items together, and email us to add shipping on so that we can send your parcel out straight away. You will have to pay shipping for both items as I try to keep the prices as low as possible for you to pay less!


7-Day Condition Guarantee 

If for any reason you believe the item that you received does not meet the standards of our above grading system, you can return your purchase in the condition it was sent in for a refund, minus a 10% restocking fee. Buyer will also be responsible for shipping the item back to us if making a return. Pop Guardian NZ does NOT offer exchanges due to the varying available items and the conditions of the items we sell. If for any reason you think our grading was inaccurate, or if there is an issue with an item you received, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are collectors too, so we understand your needs and standards.
Britto/Rare Collectibles:
All the collectibles that we sell are checked for damage, and are also checked that they work (if it uses electricity). All Britto is opened and checked for damage before being put back into their boxes. This has been requested by the supplier, as if one is damaged a credit can be applied to us. 
What if something turns up damaged?     
If you order something, and it turns up damaged, the first thing to do is contact your local courier office. We ensure that all our collectibles are sent in boxes and with adequate wrapping, with a fragile sticker. We are collectors as well so we ensure we pack it how we would want it delivered!