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Pop Protector Dimensions Chart

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Not sure what size to get, and don't want to go through all of the products just to find your size! Well check out our handy dimensions chart below which gives you the dimensions of all the protectors on our store! 

How do the dimensions work?

  1. Width is across the front of the pop from Left to Right (or vice versa)
  2. Depth is from the Front of the pop to Back (or vice versa)
  3. Height is from Top of the pop to Bottom (or vice versa)

If we don't have your protector?

Send us a message through Facebook, Instagram, or Email! We'd love to answer your query and help you find the right size!

Click on the name of the protector and that will take you straight to the protectors info page and buying page for more information!

 Protector Name  H W D
4" Protector (0.40mm) 16.5cm (H) 12cm (W) 9.5cm (D)
4" Protector (0.60mm) 16.5cm (H) 12cm (W) 9.5cm (D)
4" Protector Bloody (0.60mm) 16.5cm (H) 12cm (W) 9.5cm (D)
4" Protector UV Protected (0.60mm) 16.5cm (H) 12cm (W) 9.5cm (D)
4" Protector (0.80mm) 16.5cm (H) 12cm (W) 9.5cm (D)
6" Protector (0.60mm) 21cm (H) 17.2cm (W) 14.3cm (D)
6" Protector (0.40mm) 21cm (H) 17.2cm (W) 14.3cm (D)
10" Protector (0.40mm) 33.5cm (H) 23cm (W) 21cm (D)
10" Protector (0.60mm) 33.5cm (H) 23cm (W) 21cm (D)
10" Protector Wide  32.6cm (H) 30.6cm (W) 20.7cm (D)
2-Pack Protector (0.40mm) 16.3cm (H) 20.8cm (W) 9.3cm (D)
2-Pack Protector (0.60mm) 16.3cm (H) 20.8cm (W) 9.3cm (D)
2-Pack Protector Kang and Kodos 17.3cm (H) 22.1cm (W) 10.6cm (D)
2-Pack Protector Super Sonic and Super Tails 16.2cm (H) 23.1cm (W) 9cm  (D)
2-Pack Protector The Wanderer and The Heretic 16.2cm (H) 23.1cm (W) 9cm  (D)
2-Pack Protector Flash and Superman 16cm (H) 20.3cm (W) 11.6cm (D)
Dual Pack Protector 16.2cm (H) 23.1cm (W) 9cm  (D)
3-Pack Protector Small  16.2cm (H) 23.1cm (W) 9cm  (D)
3-Pack Protector Medium  16.2cm (H) 23.1cm (H) 11cm  (D)
3-Pack Protector Large  15.9cm (H) 25cm (W) 11cm  (D)
3-Pack Protector Weasley  16cm (H) 24cm (W) 9cm  (D)
3-Pack Protector Hyena 16.2cm (H) 32.5cm (W) 9.1cm (D)
4-Pack Protector 16.2cm (H) 34.7cm (W) 12cm (D)
4-Pack Protector Guardians Of The Galaxy Protector 16.2cm (H) 34.7cm (W) 9.2cm  (D)
4-Pack Civil War Protector 16.2cm (H) 25.8cm (W)

9.1cm (D)

5-Pack Protector  16.5cm (H) 44.5cm (W)

9.1cm (D)

Movie Moment Protector 19.5cm (H) 25.8cm (W) 15cm (D)
Ride 1 Protector  19.2cm (H) 24.5cm (W) 18cm (D)
Ride 2 Protector  17.7cm (H) 20.4cm (W) 12.8cm (D)
Ride 3 Protector 18cm (H) 15.2cm (W) 15.2cm (D)
Ride Protector Batman 15.9cm (H) 24.5cm (W) 17.8cm (D)
Ride Protector Motorcycle 16.2cm (H) 20.8cm (W) 11.2cm (D)
Rock Candy/Wacky Wobbler Protector 18.1cm (H) 10.4cm (W) 10.4cm (D)
The Child Pop Protector 33.5cm (H) 43.5cm (W) 21.5cm (D)
Pop Town Protector  20cm (H) 26cm (W) 15.5cm (D)
Mandalorian on Blurrg Protector 26cm (H) 19cm (W) 17.5cm (D)
Maleficent and Dragon Protector  21cm (H)  20.5cm (W) 16.5cm (D)
Pocket Pop/Pop Keychain Protector 10.4cm (H) 5cm  (W) 4.5cm (D)
Hagrid/Madame Maxime Protector 20.9cm (H)  17.3cm (W) 10.5cm (D)
Deluxe Protector 16.3cm (H) 15.7cm (W) 13cm (D)
Motorcycle Ride Protector 16.2cm (H) 20.8cm (W) 11.2cm (D)
Album Protector 23.5cm (H) 23.5cm (W) 9cm   (D)
Darth Vader In Mediation Chamber Protector 26cm (H) 19cm (W) 17.5cm (D)
Movie Poster Protector 27.5cm (H) 18cm (W) 8.5cm (D)
Kevin With Up House  34cm (H) 26cm (W) 17cm (D)