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Communities We Are In!

We are a community business! We love to share what is happening in the future and we enjoy making every customer happy! With that being said we operate in a number of communities across Facebook! 

We always share amazing deals, and we get inspiration direct from collectors! In some of these groups, you may even find discount codes to use on our website! 

Check out the different communities that we are involved in below: 


Funko! Alternative NZ Group

Funko! New Zealand Collectors

Action Figures: 

New Zealand Action Figure Collectors

SWNZ, Star Wars New Zealand

One Sixth NZ

We also have affiliate businesses! These are the guys that help build a platform in order to reach out to further customers and help us build the communities above! 

Check them out below: 

Geek Inventory:

Visit their Facebook

Visit their Trade Me Store

So what are you waiting for? Head to these groups and check them out there are some awesome communities that we operate in! 

Check back as we join and create further communities in order to build a better platform for our customers to help and share!