Deluxe Size Pop Vinyl Protector

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Protectors: Deluxe Pop Protector

Deluxe Pop! Vinyls are becoming a lot more common! Loot Crates, and Funko Mystery Boxes are producing more and more. Now we have protectors in stock to protect them! 


 - 0.60mm Thickness (thickest in New Zealand)

 - High Quality PET Material

 - Acid Free

 - Fits Deluxe Size Pop Vinyls

 - Auto-Lock bottom (hassle free putting together)

 - No Lock Tabs at the top that will damage your Pops!


Dimensions for this protector are;

16.3cm (H) x 15.7cm (W) x 13cm (D) 


*Pops Pictured are not included*

*Not all 10" Pops will fit in this protector so please ensure you measure your pops first*

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