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The Walking Dead - Hershel Greene Exclusive (Series 7)


Hershel Greene has been vital in aiding injured survivors using his medical knowledge and religious devotion. When many of the survivors at the prison became ill from a deadly flu, Hershel, without hesitation, tied a bandana over his face and gladly risked his life to save the others. During the climatic season 4 episode, “Too Far Gone,” he was unable to save The Governor from his blind vengeance and Hershel ended up loosing his head (literally). And if that wasn’t bad enough, Michonne finds Hershel’s reanimated head after the fall of the prison and had to destroy his brain using her katana sword. Embodying these two iconic scenes, This figure comes with bandana covered mouth, a severed Hershel head, bloody katana and approximately 22 points of articulation.

Lite scratching to the blister ,Minor Creases on the Card