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Comic Book - Marvel True Believers Venom Toxin #1


In an abandoned building, Flash sits beside an arsenal of weapons and calls Hank Pym to ask for his symbiote, knowing he is out of options. Later, he swings across the city, heading to his destination, unaware that he is being followed by Eddie Brock.

At Crime-Master's headquarters, two goons bring the Human Fly to him, who has agreed to meet with him and his team of villains, which includes Megatak, Death Adder, and Jack O'Lantern. Crime-Master then offers him protection from the authorities and the Kingpin in exchange for joining him for a special project. Meanwhile, just above them, Venom has his gun pointed directly at Crime-Master's head and resolves to kill him and the other villains present, who toast to the Human Fly for joining their team, the Savage Six. He considers calling the Avengers but fears Crime-Master would come back eventually

March  2018 Release 

Great Condition