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Comic Book - X-Men The Movie Prequel Magneto


X-Men The Movie Prequel Magneto

Young Magneto enters the concentration camp in Poland of 1944. His mother and his father were killed there. At the start of the comic, Magneto, is at the concentration camp where he was held and was reflecting on what happened there.The mutant problem in the nation is growing; there is a fear of mutants. One mutant in Kansas resists arrest from police officers claiming that he just wants to be left alone and is shot to death.Back in a time where Xavier and Magneto were good friends, they witnessed the murder of a young mutant girl just because she was a mutant. It angers Magneto and it fuels his rage that he has against humans and their hatred of mutants. Magneto believes that mutants are the next step in the evolutionary

August 2000 Release

Great Condition