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Comic Book - X-Men The Movie


X-Men The Movie 

The year is 1944. Young Erik Lehnsherr first manifests his mutant ability of magnetism to bend a barbed wire fence in the Auschwitz concentration camp when his parents are stolen from him by Nazi troops, only to be struck in the face with the butt of a rifle.

In current day Washington D.C., Senator Robert Kelly works to pass the Mutant Registration Act, which would force individuals born with the X-gene to publicly reveal both their identities, and mutant abilities. Elsewhere, in Meridian, Mississippi, young Marie D'Ancanto, also known as Rogue, flees her home after accidentally absorbing the memories and abilities of boyfriend Cody Robbins through their first kiss. After traveling to Canada, she meets the mutant Wolverine. They are later attacked by Sabretooth, the feral mutant minion of Magneto, but are rescued by the X-Men Cyclops and Storm.

Cyclops and Storm take the pair to the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning, where they are introduced to the headmaster of the school, Professor Charles Xavier. The Professor explains to Wolverine that he has formed a group of mutants known as the X-Men to establish a peaceful co-existence with humanity, to teach young mutants the use of their abilities, and to thwart Magneto and his followers from igniting a war with the Homo Sapient race.

September 2000 Release

Great Condition