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Comic Book - The Man of Steel #1-6 Set


As a teenager, Clark Kent wins a high school football game almost by himself. He has developed many of his powers: Stamina, great strength, X-ray vision, and flight. Jonathan reveals to him that he is not Jonathan and Martha's biological son; they found him in a crashed spaceship. Jonathan explains that Clark needs to use his powers more responsibly, not for his own benefit. Clark decides to anonymously help others, and for the next few years, while studying in university, he secretly saves lives and averts disasters. While in Metropolis, however, he openly prevents the crash of an experimental space plane, revealing his existence to the public. He meets Lois Lane and the two start to connect when a grateful mob of people surrounds them. Clark, unable to deal with the sudden attention, flies away to consult his parents. In order to preserve Clark's privacy, Jonathan suggests that Clark adopt a secret identity. Martha makes a costume for him, and he decides to use the name he was given by Lois, "Superman".

1986 Release 

For there age Great Condition