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Comic Book - Fantastic Four #4A + The Legend


Cover A. Heroes Reborn. "The Heart of Darkness!" Guest-starring the Black Panther. Reed has tracked down a lead that could give him some answers to the anomaly that gave the Fantastic Four their amazing abilities, and it crashed landed in the African nation of Wakanda, home of the legendary Black Panther. Unfortunately for everyone Doctor Doom also has plans for the anomaly.

Plus Fantastic Four the Legend - A special 48-page one-shot celebrating the world's greatest super team, the Fantastic Four! Marvel continues the celebration of its 35th anniversary with gala celebrations of their hall-of-fame heroes! This is the official source for the complete lowdown on the FF's most amazing adventures, worst enemies, top allies, the Baxter Building and Four Freedoms Plaza, love lives, roster changes and more! 

Release Feb 1997

Good Condition