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Comic Book - Constantine The Hellblazer Set #1 - #5


Our issues begin hilariously as we see Constantine standing in a clothing store, buck naked and covered in blood and hoping beyond hope that the clerk doesn't scream and or call the police, but since when does John put much stock in hope?  Yeah, he magics the girl up and makes it look like he's a perfectly fine, upstanding citizen and that a scrap of paper that he gave her is a valid credit card.  Yeah, the clerk is probably going to get fired after John cleans up and gets some new duds, but unlike John's old pal Gaz, who's haunting him, Constantine just figures that them's the breaks.  Thems the breaks should certainly be John's motto too because as we see him exit the store, Gaz isn't the only one haunting him.  Everybody that John has betrayed or gotten killed because of his douchebaggery, is ever present around him, but when has specters or ghoulies ever stopped John from going about his day to day? 

#1 - #5

2015 Release 

Great Condition Bagged and Boarded