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Comic Book - The Wake #1 - 10 Set


Dr Lee Archer is a cetologist Gig Harbour, Washington, separated from her son Parker for long periods at a time, thanks to an event in her past that forced her to give up custody and cost her the job she held with the NOAA. One day, her work is interrupted by the arrival of a helicopter carrying Agent Astor Cruz of the DHS. He has come to ask her about a particularly unusual sound which he believes might be some kind of whale song that was recorded in Alaska recently. When he plays it for her, a flash of recognition appears in her eyes, but she claims never to have heard it before. Cruz doesn't believe her, and offers that if she will come with him to Alaska to investigate this sound for the DHA, he will help her get her son back. Reluctantly, she agrees.

Great Condition 

Released July 2013