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Comic Book -The Crossovers #1 - 7


Issue #1 -Meet Carter Crossover, the super-hero known as Archetype...his wife, Calista, a fourth-generation vampire slayer...daughter Cris, who's also the warrior princess Eradika... and son Clifford, UFO abductee and alien collaborator. Can a family survive the rigors of four genres, and only one bathroom? The Crossovers spend a day following separate pursuits. Archetype battles the man- mountain GargantuJuan...Calista faces the undead Baron Corpescu...Eradika uncovers a traitor among the Bellekosin...and Clifford greets two sinister envoys from the Uù. But the walls dividing all their lives are slowly beginning to crumble. 

Release  Feb 2003        

Great Condition