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We Buy Your Funko Pop Collections

Lack Of Space? Impulse Buys? Wanting To Get Into A New Line Instead?

Well you've come to the right place! Pop Guardian NZ has been buying and selling second hand Pop since 2020! It doesn't sound long, but we are very easy to deal with, price up your collection, and have a deal done within the week! 

Extra Information So That We Are Transparent From The Word GO!

1. Our cash offers are up to 50% of the value on the Funko App. 

2. Store Credit is up to 50%!

3. We pay up to $50.00NZD in shipping! Anything past that is on the buyer.

Please Note: We cannot buy everyones collections. We have to work through collections systematically, so if we reject your collection please don't feel offended. 

Can't Be Bothered? Make It Easy For Yourself!

Pricing your pop, selling them to individuals, and then having to ship them all out can be time consuming! We make it super easy! We will buy your entire collection! It doesn't matter whether you have 50 or 1000 pop vinyls we will take them! 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not purchase: 

    1. Out Of Box Pop Collections, or Out Of Box Pop within a collection.
    2. Collections with less than 30 Pops in it unless the collection has a high percentage of:
      • USA Stickered Pop Vinyl (store and comic con exclusives)
      • Chases 
      • Vaulted Pop
      • Grails

Store and Comic Con Exclusives exclude the special edition and shared stickers. If they have the actual store sticker then that comes under this rule!

Happy With The Above? Take Your First Step.

Please ensure that you have your collection scanned into the Funko App that is downloadable from the iPhone App Store / Android Google Play Store.

So What Are You Waiting For? Contact Us Today And See What Your Collection Is Worth! 

Contact us on any of the below:


Facebook: Message us on Facebook HERE.