Retro Gaming T's & C's

Retro Gaming Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you read our terms and conditions as they may differ to other websites. These are for our entire retro gaming area ONLY and there is content on Warranties, Condition, Shipping, and more.


The condition of our games will be photographed as best s possible. We will provide photos of the entirety of the contents that you are purchasing. 

Due to the nature of the items (being retro), not all items will come with boxes/manuals/cases. We will however endeavour to sell items as complete as possible.

If items have been added to the item that is being sold, we will disclose all info. This is for items where we have sourced a power cord, or AV cables ect. We will disclose if the items are not from the original console, as we may have added parts to be able to complete the set.


We will follow the CGA when it comes to replacing or refunding items. As the items are retro, please read any notes that are in the description as we will have extra notes for items that may have damage. Please also note that items will have lots of photos so make sure that you also look at those as we will have detailed pictures of damage ect.

Items are tested before being sent out, so if you have an issue, please do let us know.

3-Point Check System: 

We use the 3-Point check system in order to ensure that your item arrives to you and is working condition! Due to the nature of retro gaming, items always have a life span, and we are trying to minimise the risk of the item not working when it arrives to you. Please see below the details on our 3-Point check system!

1. Pre Check: Before the item goes online it is tested by us to ensure the item is working. We also ensure that it saves, and that it is on the best condition possible. We may resurface discs and retry the item in this part of the test. 

2. BETA Check: This is before the item goes physically online. As we have to hold items before they are launched online, we do another check after all photos and materials are ready for the item to be ready for general sale. 

3. 48 Hour Check: This is once the item is sold. We endeavour to get customers in stock orders shipped within 72 hours of the order being placed. This means that we will test your order within 48 hours of the item being shipped to you in order to ensure it was working when it left us. 

This checking system is in place to ensure we give you the best possible items possible. If the game is faulty we will replace, or refund the item when possible!