Red Skull - Marvel [7.5/10]
Red Skull - Marvel [7.5/10]
Red Skull - Marvel [7.5/10]

Red Skull - Marvel [7.5/10]

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Pop Grails: Marvel - Red Skull

Arch enemy to Captain America, Red Skull is the 7th figure in the Marvel Pop line, and  is extremely rare here in New Zealand.

Although this is not a limited number piece, it is very hard to find, as collectors hold on and value this Pop!

Red Skull stands 3.75-inches tall. The figure features an oversized head with a miniature body. Red Skull is clad in a dark green military uniform with black boots and matching gloves.

Comes in a Pop Guardian NZ 0.80mm Protector. 

Condition Details:

 - Slight Mark on the Pop Vinyl itself on the left hand side of his face there is a white mark 

 - Dent on the front/top of the box above "Pop". 

 - Shelf wear is present as well

Pop Guardian NZ Rating: 7.5/10