Rap Iconz B.I.G. Biggie Smalls (LE 3000)

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Premium Statues: Notorious BIG - Rap Iconz - 1:9 Scale

Kick in the door for this hypnotizing, amazing statue of Biggie Smalls, aka The Notorious B.I.G.! This 1:9 scale Rap Iconz Notorious B.I.G. Biggie Smalls Limited Edition Statue is hand-cast resin, painted and individually numbered, and stands approximately 8-inches tall. The statue features Big Poppa in his classic white suit, white fedora, and cane. Respect the pride of Brooklyn, New York with this juicy statue. Are you ready to buy this limited edition statue, because it could be your one chance! It's an everyday struggle, so Mo Money, mo statues! Limited edition of 3,000 pieces.