Pop! Pez - Batman 1966 (1/5 chance of chase)

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Holy Cool Candy Dispenser Batman!

Back again with the best collaboration since chocolate and milk, it’s POP! And PEZ! In a limited edition run, this Batman POP+PEZ candy dispenser is perfect as a collectible or as a pocket candy tool. Featuring a classic favorite from the 1966 Batman series, this PEZ is designed after Batman’s mask after being contaminated by nuclear rays. The science backs this one up. Stuff turns wicked pink when zapped with high doses of radiation.

Nuclear fall out or not, you’re gonna want to have some PEZ with you. With this awesome collectible from POP! And PEZ, you’ll be ready either way.

There is a 1/3 chance of a chase, which will be pulled at random. 

Product Features

  • Made of plastic
  • Funko and PEZ together at last
  • The classic PEZ dispenser with Pop! heads
  • Based on the popular Batman Series
  • Window box packaging

    Box Contents

    • Batman Pop! PEZ  dispenser
    • PEZ Candy