Court Of The Dead: Kier

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Premium Statues: Kier - Court Of The Dead
Kier: Valkyrie’s Revenge is a powerful statuette and "stands triumphantly astride her fallen enemy, confidently gripping the corrupt angel’s feathers. It’s a gorgeous, dynamic scene, flawlessly executed… no pun intended.” - Anna van Slee, Court of the Dead Brand Director. 

Pure Arts, in collaboration with SideShow, presents Kier - Valkyries Revenge, a warrior who serves the Court of the Dead to retrieve the other cursed souls and give them the opportunity for redemption in the ranks of the secret army of death. You will find this figurine in all of her glorious, precise details, such holding in one hand the weapon of crime and in the other the wings of the heavenly soul she has just executed. 

  • Figure Scale: 1/8
  • Material: PVC
  • Limited Edition 

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