FiGPiN - DBZ: Buu (#X42)

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This item is available for Pre Order and will be available in Late July 2020

FiGPiN: Buu XL - FiGPiN Exclusive - Limited Edition 1000 Pieces
 - FiGPiN Number: X42
 - Cast zinc alloy inlaid with hard synthetic colour enamel.
 - Finished with an electroplated nickel coating.
 - Stands up on a patented FiGPiN soft rubber backer.
 - Encased in a clear, soft plastic box with a uniquely designed and character-specific background card, finishing the look.
 - XL FiGPiN sized approximately 6.25" tall (158.75mm) 0.11" thick (3.0mm)
 - All FiGPiNs include a laser engraved, alphanumeric serial number on the back, making every single one uniquely yours.  
LIMIT: One per person! Strictly enforced, if there is more than 1 ordered per person we will refund your order, without delay. 


Enhance your FiGPiN collector experience with unique ID codes on the back of each pin. The unique ID code will provide cool details such as the edition run, sequence number in the edition, artist bio, wave information, manufactured date, and rarity scale. Build and share your collection!

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