Dark Phoenix [8.5/10]
Dark Phoenix [8.5/10]
Dark Phoenix [8.5/10]

Dark Phoenix [8.5/10]

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Pop Grails: Marvel - Dark Phoenix 

Few Marvel superheroes can match Dark Phoenix for sheer power, I mean after all, she's been known to consume stars, destroying planets and countless beings in
the process. It's no wonder so many other heroes and villains are jealous, wouldn't you be?

The highly anticipated Dark Phoenix film that hit theatres in June 2019, this Pop! Vinyl is actually based on the original comic-accurate design than that of her portrayal in the film.

No true Marvel collection is complete without this unique Dark Phoenix Pop! Vinyl Figure, secure yours today before she gets too uncontrollable. This is a great addition for those that are after the older style Marvel pops that were released before 2016!

Comes in a Pop Guardian NZ 0.80mm Protector. 

Condition Details:

 - Dark spot on the front - on the marvel logo

 - Light box wear throughout (no major issues)

Pop Guardian NZ Rating: 8.5/10