Daffy Duck (Stupor Duck) [9.5/10]
Daffy Duck (Stupor Duck) [9.5/10]
Daffy Duck (Stupor Duck) [9.5/10]

Daffy Duck (Stupor Duck) [9.5/10]

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Pop Grails: Looney Tunes - Daffy Duck - Stupor Duck (Superman)

Funko continues to bring the fun to the world of collectible figures, with two Daffy Duck “Stupor Duck” figures.

In 1956 Warner Bros. released a Superman parody starring Daffy Duck titled “Stupor Duck”. In this parody of Superman, Daffy is “Cluck Trent,” a mild-mannered reporter at a major metropolitan daily newspaper, Cluck takes a mild-mannered pill and hears something from the editor’s office. The editor is watching a crime drama about Aardvark Ratnik, a fictional mad Russian villain who threatens to “blow up everything” in his hell-bent scheme for world domination. Believing that Aardvark is an actual villain who has announced his plans to the editor, Daffy becomes Stupor Duck, set to foil Aardvark Ratnik’s schemes. He searches for the putative villain. One by one, he spots “examples” of Aardvark’s supposed work: a skyscraper being razed to make way for a new city hall; a train wreck that’s actually a stunt for a new Warner’s movie; a sinking ship that turns out to be a submarine; and a nuclear missile that’s actually a rocket headed for the moon (with Cluck/Daffy holding on for dear life).

Exclusive to the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, Funko brings this 2000 piece limited edition Pop! Vinyl “Stupor Duck” figure.

Comes with a Pop Guardian NZ 0.80mm protector.

    Condition Details:

     - Near GEM Mint

    Pop Guardian NZ Rating: 9.5/10

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