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Comic Book - Legion of Super-Heroes #36


The Universo Project is over at last, and the Legionnaires attempt to bask in an aftermath of "Peace, Quiet and Impending Doom"! Also, the results of the latest election is revealed and a new leader is chosen! Characters: Legion of Super-Heroes [Element Lad; Lightning Lass; Invisible Kid [Jacques Foccart]; Timber Wolf; Blok; Dream Girl; Polar Boy; Phantom Girl; Brainiac 5; Sensor Girl [Projectra]; White Witch; Saturn Girl; Tellus; Colossal Boy; Magnetic Kid; Mon-El; Ultra Boy; Wildfire; Quislet; Sun Boy; Shrinking Violet; Ultra Boy; Phantom Girl; Dawnstar; Chameleon Boy; Shadow Lass]; Universo; Computo; Lightning Lad; Marella Tao (intro); Circadia Senius; Cosmic Boy; Night Girl. 

Release July 1987

Good Condition