Call Of Duty Modern Warfare - PS4

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Gaming Software: Sony - PlayStation 4  - Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® is a thrilling and invigorating role-playing game. Be immersed in a heart-racing and irresistible saga as you take on the role of death-dealing Tier One operator. Let Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® bring you an exciting and intense reimagination of modern war.

Key Features

  • Compelling 21st Century Setting: Take on undercover operations together with a different cast of international special forces throughout some European and Middle East cities.
  • Tactical Combat Game: Learn and develop unique gaming strategies with real gears, weapons, and gadgetry of the Middle East and Russia instead of extreme fantasies of science fiction.
  • Online Multiplayer: You can experience the ultimate online playground and play cooperatively on top operations with your squad.
  • XRK Weapons Pack: Let this powerful duo, the XRK M4 assault rifle and XRK 357 handgun, be your companion when on combat.

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