Banjo Kazooie Controller Holder

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Gaming Accessories: Controller Holder - Banjo Kazzoie - Cable Guys

Straight from Mumbo’s Motors easy-to-use workshop!

Do you get tired of simply placing your controllers on a boring old cabinet or table? Do you think your most powerful gaming tools deserve to be displayed with pride? Well if you answered yes to either of those questions then these all-new Cable Guy Figures are your answer! With the ability to hold both PlayStation, Xbox controllers and your smartphones your electronics will always be in the right hands.

This Cable Guy features Banjo Kazooie.

Grab him today!


  • Cable Guy Figure
  • 2m USB cable
  • Adapters


  • Size: 20.3 cm tall approx.
  • Material: Plastic/Vinyl
  • Holds PlayStation, Xbox Controllers and Smart Phones

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