Wanting to sell your collection?

Are you wanting to sell your Pop Vinyl collection? 

We offer up front money for your collection, and you don't even need to have the hassle of selling them individually, and shipping them one by one!

We are here to do this for you! 

Check out the Terms and Conditions below, and then you can either contact us via email (popguardiannz@gmail.com), OR message us through our Facebook Page.

T's & C's:

1. Your collection MUST feature some of the following:

a) Chases.

b) Exclusive Sticker Pops (with their store exclusive sticker e.g Target, Walmart, Hot Topic).

c) Grails (any pop that is over $100 is considered a grail. 

Your collection does NOT have to have all these in it. If you only have chases your collection will still be considered. If you only have exclusives your collection will still be considered. 

2. Your collection must be all in box. The condition of the boxes will be on a case by case basis. Please ensure that you are ready with photos of boxes that may be damaged. We do NOT accept Pop Vinyls out of the box. 

3. Your collection must be scanned into either the Funko App (downloadable on the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store), or PPG (pop price guide). This is so that we can gauge your collection and its value. Please note this will not be the price that you will get for your collection.

4. Your collection does not have to include pop protectors (however for shipping purposes this would be great), and all pops must be bubble wrapped when shipped. It is your responsibility to get them here in the condition that they have been described, and the photos that have been provided. 

5. Payment and all other necessities will be discussed with you once you have contacted us.