Sell - Market - Trade - Pop Guardian NZ

We offer 3 ways to cash out on your collectibles! 

Direct Sale (Up to 70% Value): We assess the current value of your item and make an offer based on condition and current market value of the item(s). Upon agreement, we will provide you with either a pre-paid shipping label or shipping cost credit to use to mail in your items. Once we receive and thoroughly grade your item(s), we will then pay out the agreed amount via PayPal (fees may apply), Bank Transfer, Store Credit, or Cash (Christchurch Only). 

Market (Up to 85% Value): Marketing your Funko items with us earns you an added 15% payout for your item or collection. We provide you with a pre-paid shipping label or shipping cost credit to use to mail in your items. Then, we thoroughly grade the condition of the item, and determine it's value based on current market price and condition grade. Your item will then be 3D scanned and added to our inventory. As soon as the item sells, you will be paid out via PayPal (fees may apply), or Bank Transfer. Please note that Store Credit and Cash are not available with this option.

Trade (Up to 90% Value): See a piece you love in our shop? Have some cool trade bait? Show us what you've got and make a note of what you'd like to trade for. We're always happy to make a deal to help collectors find a piece they would love to have in their collection! Plus we love rolling the inventory over in store so let us know! 


Upon accepting our offer, you will be required to send them to us for inspection. Please pack your items safely using bubble wrap, Pop! protectors, packing peanuts, or other means of proper protection. Once we receive your item and assess the condition vs. original description and photos, we then pay you out via your preferred payment method. If the item is not in the exact condition as originally described and/or photographed, we may adjust our offer accordingly. If you are local to us (Christchurch or surrounding areas) we are more than happy for you to deliver the item, or for a fee (depending on location) we can come and collect your item from you. 
Please Note: If you reject our offer once it has been shipped to us, you will have to pay the shipping cost for your items return. We will endeavour to give you the best possible price after receiving your photos and your description of the item, but as always things can be missed that effect the value. We will however, give you a rough estimate of pricing before the item is shipped to us, and this is the preceding value unless there are any faults not noted originally.