Walter White (GITD) [9/10]
Walter White (GITD) [9/10]
Walter White (GITD) [9/10]

Walter White (GITD) [9/10]

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Pop Grails: Television - Walter White - Breaking Bad - GITD SDCC 2014

Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher and family man, learns he has inoperable lung cancer. To secure his family's financial future, he begins making meth with Jesse Pinkman, a former student. Here he stands at 3.75" in his yellow Glow In The Dark hazmat suit! 

This Pop Vinyl was released at San Diego Comic Con 2014.

Comes with a Pop Guardian NZ 0.80mm protector.

    Condition Details:

     - Light indent on the top (barely visible) 

    Pop Guardian NZ Rating: 9/10

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