Sheldon Cooper (Flash Tee) [9/10]

Sheldon Cooper (Flash Tee) [9/10]

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Pop Grails: Sheldon Cooper - Flash T-Shirt - Astro Zombies Exclusive 


This is the centre of The Big Bang Theory with the infamous Sheldon Cooper in his Yellow Flash Tee and this Pop! Vinyl Figure is one to have for all fans of the hit television show, The Big Bang Theory! The fussy genius Sheldon Cooper comes in a Astro-Zombies Exclusive Flash Logo t-shirt, displaying his love for the speedy hero. 

This was released as an Astro-Zombies exclusive!

Comes in a Pop Guardian NZ 0.80mm Protector. 

Condition Details:

 - Slight window pinch

Pop Guardian NZ Rating: 9/10

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