Leonidas [9.5/10]
Leonidas [9.5/10]
Leonidas [9.5/10]

Leonidas [9.5/10]

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Pop Grails: Movies - King Leonidas - 300

It's the most daring and fearsome King of Sparta to ever be commemorated in a Hollywood blockbuster movie! This excellent 300 King Leonidas Pop! Vinyl Figure features the Spartan King in a much more adorable form than you probably remember from the 300 film.

The awesome detail on this little 3.75-inch tall Pop! Vinyl Figure includes the signature golden 300 Spartan armor of helmet, greaves, vambraces, and shield. Plus, Leonidas is also clad in leather and wearing his signature cute little red cape and wolf's tooth necklace. The detail is so great on this figure that his armor even comes with battle damage scuffs and scratches! 

Comes with a Pop Guardian NZ 0.80mm protector.

    Condition Details:

     - Light shelf wear

    Pop Guardian NZ Rating: 9.5/10

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